About Yi Fang

We take pride in using only the finest tea leaves and real fruit to create drinks that are both healthy and satisfying.

Our Foundations: The Story of Yi Fang

Yi-Fang, my grandmother, wedded a young farmer, marking the beginning of a three-generation legacy centered around pineapple cultivation. Their days were defined by the arduous labor of bending and toiling in the fields. In a moment of revelation, Grandma transformed overripe pineapples into a delectable homemade jam that could be preserved.

Why Choose Us?

Our highly coveted beverage, Yi Fang Fruit Tea, not only carries Grandma's namesake but also her cherished recipe. Within a single cup, we encapsulate the essence of early Taiwan, with its historic reminiscences and heartfelt hospitality. This concoction is crafted using seasonal fruits, indigenous ingredients, and devoid of any concentrated juices. Each sip imparts the crispness and natural sweetness of the fruits, rekindling the timeless flavor once more.

Our Core Value

YiFang Tea's core values revolve around quality, local support, and sustainability. We exclusively use MIT-sourced ingredients to champion local farmers and ensure traceability for safety and transparency. Contract farming guarantees fresh, seasonal fruits at the heart of our products. We prioritize excellence with fresh milk for purity. Our recipes carry nostalgic flavors, and our homemade jam is chemical-free, reflecting our commitment to natural goodness. Above all, we cherish the customer experience, aiming to inspire through every interaction.
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Rigorous Quality Control

From tree to table, every sip delivers the sweetness of the fruit and contains the efforts of farmers on crops. Like Yifang insists on serving the finest ingredients to customers which are under rigorous quality control.

Comprehensive Training System

Yifang will provide comprehensive support of store establishment to our franchise partner from the initial preparation to the daily operation. not only we will instruct you to be an expert of making beverages, we also assist you to achieve success in the industry.

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Innovative Marketing & Design

Including store planning, brand identity designing and marketing campaign making, Yifang has established a good and efficient communication with every franchisee partners for the purpose of offering a strong support in the business.

Dominating Beverage Trend

To dominate the market trend and meet every preference of consumers, Yifang has built its own R&D team to serve those distinct products and satisfy each picky tongue around the world.

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